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Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA)

Scope of cover
• The Act requires all employers to obtain and maintain an insurance policy to cover employees against any liability    that they may incur under The Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007. The Act provides that the employer is liable to pay    compensation to an employee against accidental death, bodily injury or illness arising out of and in the course of    employment

Policy Benefits
• Death-----------8 years earnings each
• Permanent Total Disability---------8 years earnings each
• Temporary total disablement----------Actual weekly earnings, max 52 weeks
• Medical expenses---------Ksh100,000 per person
• Funeral expenses--------Ksh30,000 per person

Policy Conditions
• Due care and observance of statutory obligations
• Wage and salaries declarations
• Records warranty
• Safety & health committees
• Transportation of workers -Vehicle to conform to Traffic Act 28

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