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WIBA/ Group Personal Accident Claims

An Injury not leading to Temporary Disability;
•    DOSH I which acts as claim form
•    DOSH II completed by the attending doctor, as the medical certificate
•    Original Medical Invoices and Receipts
•    Copy of certified pay slips for three months prior to the date of injury
•    Copy of national identity card
•    Statement by employee injured
•    Statement by a witness

An Injury leading to a degree of Permanent Total Disability;
This is processed six months after an injury and once the disability level is determined
•    The documents above will have already been submitted and claim settled
•    The injured obtains a medical certificate and forwards to both DOSH office and insurers
•    The DOSH office will compute the benefits payable

If the injury is fatal the following additional documents will be required;
•    Death Certificate
•    Post-mortem Report
•    Burial Permit

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