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Motor Vehicle Claims

Important things to note and comply with;

•    Make sure that you have fully settled your premium.
•    Ensure that you have fitted your vehicle with the recommended Anti Theft Device. 
•    Ensure your vehicle is at all times roadworthy
•    Tyres, rims, tubes and batteries will only be indemnified at 50% unless the items are new
•    Non-standard items like Alloy rims, special tyres etc should be declared to the insurer
•    A photograph of the damaged windscreen is a requirement
•    Ensure your vehicle is adequately insured.  Avoid over and under insurance
•    Never insure your vehicle duty free as this will constitute underinsurance 
•    Never allow your vehicle to be driven by unauthorized or unlicensed drivers
•    Costs arising from betterment are met by the insured
•    Never use your private vehicle to ferry passengers
•    Report all incidents to police and insurer within reasonable time

After an accident please observe the following;
•    Take all details; location and cause of accident, time, weather conditions, type of road surface
•    If possible obtain witnesses
•    Never admit liability but take particulars of the third party vehicle
•    Notify Police immediately and obtain a Police abstract report
•    After the Police have recorded the accident, move the vehicle to a safe place
•    Assessment of damaged vehicle is at all times carried out in a garage
•    Obtain an estimate of the repair cost but don’t authorize repairs
•    Complete a claim form. Consult Walton where need be
•    Submit all third party correspondence received unanswered to Walton
•    Copies of the driver’s license and statement must be attached to the claim form
•    A copy of log book to proof vehicle ownership is required

In case of theft or theft from vehicles the following additional documents are required;
•    Cooperate with the investigators
•    Submit service records
•    A certificate, test and examination of the vehicle is also required
•    If vehicle is uneconomical to repair or is stolen and not recovered, we require an original log book, car keys, two     transfer forms signed but undated, copy ID Card (individuals), certificate of incorporation for companies,      duplicate certificate of insurance and copy of PIN certificate

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