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Goods In Transit, Marine & Carriers Liability Claims

Should insured goods be delivered in a damaged condition or if there is any reason to suspect damage, the attention of the carrier's or shipper's representative should be immediately drawn to same and the following documents submitted to us;
•    A claim form duly completed
•    A letter of claim lodged with the Carrier or Shipper’s agent
•    Details on extent of loss or damage or an estimate of repair or replacement cost
•    Original cover note issued
•    Correspondences exchanges with Third Parties
•    Contact with Third parties involved
•    Police abstract report
•    Bill of lading
•    Deliver note/Road Consignment note
•    Commercial invoice
•    Port documents if any
•   A loss adjuster will be appointed to adjust the loss and may request to be provided with a copy of the contract      between yourselves and the Third Parties.

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