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Scope of cover
• Loss of or damage to property insured following actual forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises

• Full theft (without actual forcible & violent entry or exit) cover subject to suitable limit
• Theft of goods in the open with the necessary conditions and premium loading
• Assault or threat thereof following hold-up situation
• Damage to premises in the course of theft without necessarily loosing property
• All other contents clause (special type of property such as documents, computer records, personal belongings,    money, scratch cards)
• Goods held in trust or on commission

What is covered?
• Stock and materials in trade
• Property held by the insured in trust or on commission
• Machinery, fixtures, fittings and all contents other than stock and materials in trade
• Household goods and personal effects

Underwriting considerations
• The location of the property
• The type of property insured
• The security of the premises
• The history of the theft
• Previous claims
• Whether cover is issued on full sum insured or first loss basis

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