Our specialized team at Walton has the experience, expertise, resources and insight to evaluate your specific needs and design a customized solution

About us

Walton Kenya Insurance Services Limited is an independent insurance and financial service provider fully licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority in accordance with the Insurance Act to carry on the business of an Insurance intermediary.

We recognize that every individual or organization, irrespective of size, has unique needs and challenges and by working in close partnership with you we can help you design the right insurance program to meet your specific personal and business needs.

As an independent intermediary, we work closely with a select portfolio of “A” rated underwriters which has been carefully built around our commitment to provide superior cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions.

Whether you are seeking coverage for your vehicle, your home or your business we will promptly provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

To provide reliable and professional risk management, insurance and financial solutions to our clients.

To be a market leader in delivery of risk management, insurance, financial solutions

We adhere to a strict professional code of business conduct guided by the following values;

We conduct our business with utmost diligence and in accordance with the industry and client specific guidelines

We seek to continuously look for new ways to make our services more efficient and beneficial to our clients

We strive to offer value driven solution to our clients and all other stakeholders by working as one

We handle all transactions and information at our disposal with the required level of confidentiality, ethics and honest.

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