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Public liability Insurance

Scope of cover
Covers legal liability in respect of accidental death, bodily injury/illness or loss or damage to property belonging to third parties including legal costs and expenses

Who is a Third party?
Employees, Customers, Visitors, Neighbors, Passers-by and Trespassers

Trigger for Liability
• Common Law -civil negligence must be proved by the third party through a civil suit in which case proof is on    balance of probabilities
• Vicarious Liability

Underwriting considerations
• Nature of insured’s business
• Premises description and number of locations
• Nature of processes
• Use and storage of hazardous substances
• Physical features of the premisesi.e. Age, condition & pre-existing defects, Lighting, proximity to neighbours,    parking facilities
• Access to manufacturing areas by third parties
• Use of hoists and cranes etc. Who uses the equipment?
• Loss history –including known incidents even if there is no claim
• Territorial Scope & Jurisdiction
• Risk Management (e.g. Disclaimers, Notices, Warnings, Information)

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