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Money Insurance

Scope of cover
• It is an “all risks” policy
• Indemnifies insured against loss of money and damage to safe or strong room belonging to the insured or for which    the insured is responsible, in specified circumstances and situations

• Fidelity cover –3 working days
• Riot, strike and civil commotion
• Clothing and personal effects of staff
• Replacement of lost keys
• Political violence and terrorism

What is covered?
• Cash In Transit to and from the bank
• Cash in premises during business hours
• Cash in premises outside business hours
• Cash in the hands of authorized members of staff
• Loss or damage to safes/strong rooms

Underwriting considerations
• Location of insured’s premises
• Type of business –fast moving goods means high cash flows at any one time
• Method of conveying and protection afforded
• Maximum distance of travel
• Number of employees engaged in any one transit
• Actual limits selected for transit / premises / locked safe
• Type of safe and strong room
• How the money is banked and the mode of transport
• Geographical limits
• Business hours
• Past claims experience
• Estimated Annual Carry (EAC) -represents insurer’s annual exposure

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