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Domestic Package Insurance

•    Covers you and your home against Fire, Burglary, All Risks for portable items, Work Injury Benefit Act, Occupier’s       and Owners Liability

Provides cover against;
•    Fire, lightning, earthquake, subterranean fire, flood, storm, hurricane, impact with moving objects, aircraft            damage, riots, strikes and malicious damage, landslip, water damage etc.
•    Liability to compensate domestic servants.
•    Loss or damage to insured’s household contents.
•    Personal liabilities to third parties.
•    Loss or damage to portable items such as jewellery, mobile phones laptops etc
How do I start?
•    Complete a proposal form
•    Provide us with an itemized schedule of all your home property and the respective value including personal           portable items such as jeweleries and laptops.

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