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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the role of an Insurance Intermediary?
An insurance intermediary is an independent adviser knowledgeable in insurance and risk management.

Why should I use Walton?
Walton is your insurance adviser, with professional qualifications and experience in insurance matters. We will negotiate on your behalf for the right products and quality services at very competitive cost. We will also prepare an insurance programme that fits your specific insurance needs.

How can I know that I am adequately covered?
Walton will advise you how to assess the adequacy of your insurance cover by analyzing your risk exposures

Can I settle my premium in installments?
The Insurance Act requires premiums to be paid up front (Cash and Carry). However Walton can assist you pay premium in installments by arranging premium financing from financial Institutions

What happens if I cancel my policy before the expiry time?
The insurer computes and pays refund premium for the an-utilized period subject to the policy terms and conditions if there has not been a claim

What do I do in the event of a claim? How fast can I get a claim processed?
Do not admit liability, or make or attempt to make an offer of payment. Notify us immediately and act as if you are uninsured and as far as possible minimize the loss.

Provided you have forwarded all the required documents to us, our highly competent staff will see to it that your claim is processed within a reasonable time.

What is excess?
Excess is the first portion of each and every claim borne by the insured. The amount is paid to the Company before a release letter is issued to receive the car from the repairers or is deducted from the amount payable if it is a total loss.

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