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Contractors all risks Insurance

Scope of cover
• All risks cover against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to:
   • Contract work being undertaken/maintained -permanent, temporary, property supplied by the principal
   • Property in care, custody, control (existing property)
   • Construction plant, machinery and equipment
   • Materials (in transit and at site)
   • Third party liabilities -property & injuries

Main causes of indemnifiable losses
• Fire, lightning, explosion
• Flood, inundation, rain, snow, avalanche, tsunami
• Windstorm, typhoon, hurricane
• Earthquake, subsidence, landslide, rockslide
• Theft, burglary
• Negligence, lack of skill, human error or malicious acts

Objects Insurable under CAR
• Buildings
   • Buildings (residential, industrial, halls, stadiums)
   • Towers, Chimneys, Silos, Tanks
• Civil works
   • Roads, Railway Lines, Airports
   • Dams, power plants
   • Breakwaters, Jetties, River Control Works
   • Tunnels, Shafts, Bridges
   • Water-supply, Sewer Lines, Irrigation Systems

Underwriting considerations
• General & technical information about the project
• Contractor’s experience
• Personal experience
• Works to be done by subcontractors
• Period of Insurance
• Sums insured and limits of liability
• General information in the proposal –special risks, details of soils, ground water, meteorological conditions,    surrounding property,
• Rating guidelines

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