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Retirement Benefits

For you to continue your day-to-day operations and feel confident about the future, you must do the necessary retirement planning that will ensure you face your golden years with confidence and peace of mind. To achieve this you need to invest in a retirement plan that will best suit your exclusive needs.

The pension plan is designed to give you a more secure future during your retirement. It enables you to start planning for a new life at retirement and ensure that you enjoy the lifestyle that you are working for today.

Advantages of pension/provident fund
•    Tax benefits to both individuals and the employer.
•    It is a saving and investment vehicle
•    The capital and returns are guaranteed
•    Offers peace of mind  in knowing one has a secure future during retirement
•    Helps employers attract the best staff as compared to the competitors
•   Offers irrevocable guarantees against capital depreciation, in addition to specified levels of minimum future       earnings.

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