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Fire & Perils

Scope of Cover
Indemnity against damage or destruction by fire, lightning, full explosion, earthquake (fire, shock and volcanic eruption), riot and strike, malicious damage, bush fire and special perils

What is covered?
• Buildings (Including outbuildings, boundary wall, gates, fences, foundations and fire escape/ stairs
• Contents
• Stocks

Underwriting considerations
• Class of construction -A B C
• Use or occupation –some occupations pose a higher fire risk than others.
• Proximity to a fire station or other fire fighting facilities
• High sums insured are entitled to enjoy special rating discounts (SRD)
• Fire safety and prevention measures
• Presence of high fire hazard items like chemicals increase the fire risk
• Electrical clause deletion
• Surrounding environment
• Long Term Agreements –LTA agreement
• General presentation of a risk -pre-acceptance risk survey
• Re-insurers guidelines

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